G-Force & Associates, Inc. is the powerhouse that will bring your next construction project to fruition. A key factor to success in this industry is experience. That's one thing that G-Force & Associates, Inc. has plenty of.
We are not only a full service General Contractor, but we also have in house erection crew and concrete for commercial or industrial projects.

On the industrial side, we have built from the ground up - multiple gas plant facilities, general control buildings, modular MCC, PLC, UPS GC and fabrication of parts on large levels for multi-million dollar projects.

From multi-unit education facilities, metal buildings, to corporate headquarters, G-Force & Associates, Inc. delivers commercial construction projects. With design, engineering, estimating job cost, project management and scheduling, we can respond to needs for consistent competitive pricing and relaying accurate project status information with a very short turnaround time.

Below is a brief overview of the spectrum of projects and support services that we can manage for you. Please contact us with any questions.

Industrial Construction
- Fabrication Shop
- Modular MCC Building
- Modular PLC Building
- Modular UPS Building
- Modular GC Building
- Misc fabricated parts

Commercial Construction
- Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) Building
- Strip centers
- Warehousing and Storage Facilities
- Garages and Service Stations
- Offices and Banks
- Recreational Facilities
- Educational Facilities
- Correctional Facilities
- Farm Buildings
- Manufacturing and Production Buildings

G-Force & Associates, Inc. can perform multiple types of concrete, asphalt, and specialized paving to meet your requirements. Our industrial services are experienced in the fabrication of the following:

- Asphalt paving
- Concrete paving
- Parking lots
- Building Foundations
- Industrial Foundations
- Compressor Blocks
- Retaining Walls

- Upgrade and automation of existing facilities
- Fabrication, modification, repair, and installation of coded vessels
- Fabrication and installation of complete processing systems to include piping, pumps, compressors, and structural steel.

G-Force & Associates, Inc. can install high-temperature insulation in the industrial field. Mechanical insulation is used for energy conservation, personal protection, and temperature retention. Without properly installed and maintained insulation, hot systems and equipment can cause serious injury and become extremely expensive to operate. We have experience in the following types of applications:

- Hot and cold protection
- Heat conservation
- Personnel protection
- Acoustic installation
- Wet and Dry scrubbers
- Ductwork
- Tanks and Vessels
- Process piping
- Steam and Combustion Turbines

General Contracting


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